‘The Winter Garden’

An afternoon affair...

The Winter Garden Warmer

On a finger numbing, blue lip turning cold afternoon, The Winter Garden at Le Burgundy Paris was my plan A, plan B and Plan C. It was my everything!
With my jet-lagged daughter in towe, fingers to cold to adequately use my camera, and an on-again, off-again relationship with my gloves when using my iPhone I formed two resolutions. Firstly, whenever travelling in a European winter again, I’ll invest in a pair of leather gloves that have the electronic sensors in the finger tips, compatible with touch screens. iPhone finger freeze issue solved! Resolution two, it was chocolat chaud time at The Burgundy Hotel.
With no back up plan for alternative accommodation, it was a sweet relief that months of planning paid off, and the establishment was every bit as beautiful and clean as advertised. But, that wasn’t the only thing that was sweet, liquid hot chocolate readily served, and the knowledge that macaron Master Pierre Herme was within two minutes walking distance. Ever awoken in the morning from macaron crumb rash, yes well I can’t be held responsible for what takes place at midnight when in Paris. The temptations are endless. Did I mention Chanel is six doors down?

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