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Lost and Found Traveller was first conceived in 2013 after a Mummy and daughter trip to Paris. It was the catalyst which awakened the dreamer and storyteller within me, and I found myself with an inspired insight and fresh perspective that only travel unlocks. Since 2013, the persona of Lost and Found Traveller has evolved and matured, extending to now include my Husband and 3 daughters as of 2017. Together, we are an Australian family of 5 creative storytellers, on a family gap year of full time international travel for 10 months. We sold our house. Quit our jobs. Withdrew our girls from their private school education, to travel the world. We are on an adventure of a lifetime, specifically focussing on learning and 'togetherness' without the 'distractions of everyday' Western life. Typically we are are not one for labels, however if we had to define ourselves as travellers, then it would be: “ intellectually curious travellers, who value unique and authentic experiences. Travellers who seek opportunities that foster a sense of connectedness to each other and the world around us.” We hope you say 'hi', and find entertainment, inspiration, or simply the information you seek from following along on our adventure. Julia x
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