Good Things Come In Small Packages- Grand Hotel du Palais Royal Paris Review


We have this fascination with grandeur, that bigger is better. And yet, when we think of Le Grand Hotel du Palais Royal, we’re reminded that “good things come in small packages.”

This Parisian boutique hotel which offers 68 rooms and suites is for those that seek more than just a star rating. It may still boast five-star amenities such as an onsite spa and concierge services, but it is the hotel’s spirit of independence and individuality that speaks of so much more. It is immediately apparent why it has earned its place as part of the Small Luxury Hotels collection. 

Paris hotels, in comparison with many other cities, have unavoidably compact rooms. We know this and yet the rooms felt spacious and comfortable. Here we were insulated by intimacy and elegance that is synonymous with Parisian style. From the moment we walked past the decorative lobby centrepiece and the warmly lit artworks, our travel anxiety was quietened. We experienced this same feeling every day as we descended the ornate antique staircase down to breakfast.

Our children are relatively new to the world of hotel travel. They have grown accustomed to holiday villas and self-contained accommodation. Yet, as we now travel the world full time as a family, we grow increasingly aware of how rare it is to find a hotel that leaves a lasting impression. A hotel that you still think about long after check-out. Our girls talk about drinking the best chocolat chaud at breakfast every morning. Their eyes still light up when reminiscing about the in-room welcome treats that awaited us upon arrival. And our eldest daughter, who is reserved and quiet at the best of times, came alive with the discovery of the bathroom amenities. 

Just because they are small things, does not make them insignificant. In several months of travel we have found exactly the opposite. The little touches, the attention to detail, enhance the stay and leave a lasting impression. It is what makes Le Grand Hotel du Palais Royal feel like a familiar friend, where we are far from home, but close to comfort.

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