The Cow Shed Story by Ava

Ava laying an egg

Written By Ava aged 8

When we first arrived at The Cow Shed I was like WOW!!!
It smells weird, when I say weird, I mean like not a bad weird but an interesting weird. But that ’s just my opinion. Daddy thinks it smells so amazing but that ’s Daddy’s opinion not mine. They have a bath tub outside, that ’s so cool. In the pantry they supply food and in the fridge. Most of the food costs money but it ’s a sensible amount because, when we stayed at Eagles Nest we had eaten cheese from the, mini bar and it was $10 for cheese that cuts your mouth. It includes a big green backyard, when I say big I mean big. It ’s the countryside with some cow pats that are a bit smelly, but a spectacular place. It is an Airbnb. Outside there is a giant pile of sticks, it is seriously giant, you can use the sticks for the bonfire, but they do supply sticks.

Tonight we are going to have a bonfire and, we are going to use our own sticks. We are making smores and damper. Lani and Paige have to sleep in an out-house, they have to walk in the cold to get to our part, I mean like where I sleep mummy and daddy sleep and the kitchen. In the night when they need the toilet, they have to walk in the cold dark night to get to the toilet. And Paige gets a bed warmer. Most things at the cow shed is wood and trees, in the trees there are heaps of bee hives and bees fly every where but they won’t harm us. The lady said that we can collect the eggs from the chickens, and she brought some bread to feed the chickens.

Today we went to go feed the chickens, as soon as we came the chickens came racing, but when they were full Lani and I still had bread that they didn’t eat. Then when we went to get the eggs mummy took videos and daddy had to take videos, in the stinky old chicken poo shed. It literally smelt disgusting! Then we walked back to the Cows Shed and started the bonfire and made smores and damper. Lani made the batter for the damper, she had to make it a bit different because we needed the milk for our pancakes in the morning, for breakfast. So Lani used only a splash of milk, water, salt and flour. I was Lani’ s taste tester. We speared the damper batter on a stick like a kebab, tied it on a stick and we wrapped it up in foil and put it on the coals. It was so delicious when we ate it, the butter melts in your mouth.

My favorite and my best air B N B yet!!!!!!

Headless marshmallows

Beautiful ava in white dress walking

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  1. I love this post Ava and I really hope you write a whole swag of stories as it’s great to read your point of view! The cow shed bit made me laugh. I bet it was v smelly!!! 💩

  2. Hi Ava, this is Ava G from school. We just read your blog about he cow shed and looked at some pictures of the different countries you have been to. It looks like an amazing time. I miss you a lot. Love Ava

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