The Point Villas- Taupo’s Finest


They say “never say never”, and yet I’ve found the one exception…. The Point Villas, Taupo. So picturesque is The Point Villas that for the first time in a very long time I heard myself saying the forbidden word, “never”. I never want to leave. 
Taupo is a scenic lakeside town, when I say lake I mean the water filled mouth of a supervolcano. Don’t be alarmed, as scientists believe it was created over 22,600 years ago. The region is however still alive with geothermal activity and widely recognised for its thermal springs and spa retreats. The town is also home to New Zealand’s most famous rapids, where adrenalin charged activities exhilarate those craving action. 
As lovers of keeping busy and embracing the carpe diem philosophy, we are not ones for lazing about. Our itinerary crammed with many must do and sees of Taupo’s best, and yet as our vehicle meandered along the one-way road, with the glistening, grey Lake Taupo to our left, we keenly searched for signs signalling our arrival at The Point Villas. Our arrival left us bereft of words. We cleared our schedules as best we could. Freed up time, and decided that here, doing nothing is one as the same with doing everything. This is a truly unique property. One that offers front row tickets to life’s best performance –  “The World”. Life teems before your eyes, from the rainforest which surrounds the property, to the green jewelled Lake Taupo visible from most rooms within the Villa. 
If self-contained, liveable luxury is what you seek, I promise you that The Point Villas will deliver. And if by some unlikely reason it fails to do so, I am sure the professionalism and hospitality of Peg the owner and manager will soon rectify it.
With years of experience managing a renowned North Island luxury lodge, Peg knows exactly what the modern, discerning traveller seeks. That being, freedom. Freedom to customise and personalise one’s stay according to individual needs and interests. Private catering, butler, and, in-house private services such as beauty treatments can be arranged. If privacy is paramount, you will find it here.
The Point Villas offers the option of a two bedroom, or three bedroom villa. Both complete with stunning lake views, bathrooms that look and feel like you are in the surrounding rainforest. Each bathroom supplied with GHD hair straighteners, soaring ceilings, ambient gas-log fireplace, and beautiful alfresco dining next to an outdoor pool. 
Whilst at risk of sounding like I have shares in the business (yes, I realise I am waxing lyrical), I don’t. The Point Villas was simply like coming home… a place you’ll “never” want to leave. 


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