Commonage Villas- A Queenstown Must


There are places that remain with you long after you’ve left. Places where you can hear yourself think, awake to mountainous and lake views, and where dappled light flits ‘tween trees and dances across the pitched roofs of alpine villas. Places such as the stunning Commonage Villas.

Perched on high, in a central yet with a seemingly secluded ambience is Commonage Villas, Queenstown, New Zealand.

A bespoke collection of vacation Villas which are privately managed by the team at Rentals. Staysouth were our point of contact, and are responsible for a portfolio of luxury properties throughout the Queenstown area.


Luxuriously appointed, the Commonage Villas are what I like to refer to as liveable luxury.

Our family had the pleasure of staying for four blissful nights in a 3-bedroom Promenade Villa.

I acutely remember deliberating from my Lounge room in Melbourne as I tossed and turned between booking the Grand Promenade Villa, or the Promenade Villa.

I had heard that the Grand was the “next level in luxury” with a marginal price difference to the Promenade. I tried to envisage how our fatigued bodies would feel after each day in action packed Queenstown, and then to mentally pace through the feeling of returning to one of these Villas. I felt the Grand would offer that perfect retreat to recuperate in comfort. Yet, my budget won out, and dictated that I choose the Promenade.

Thinking I had chosen “the lesser” of two good options, I was overjoyed when we finally arrived in Queenstown to see how wrong I was.



The Promenade is positioned in amongst all the other Villa categories and exceeded all expectations. I’ll have you know I am the fussiest, most discerning when it comes to luxury accommodation, and The Commonage met every one of these expectations.

Furnished to create a sense of homeliness, yet, with unique and rare décor. Quality appliances, and kitchenware. I’ll be frank, the furniture and beds are not cheap. This is evident from the comfort and quality of sleep each night, and the immediate sense of tension easing from our shoulders as we’d kick off our shoes at the front door. It felt as though we were coming home.

Typically, when travelling one is reluctant to end the adventures of each day, but not so when we stayed at The Commonage. The feeling of “coming home” each evening was one of anticipation.

I remember drifting off to sleep on the couch one night, yet fighting to keep my eyes open as incandescent Queenstown city lay twinkling below me. The view from the expansive floor to ceiling windows was the Villa’s greatest drawcard for me. It was the morning reminder as I awoke to mountain views that I was not in Kansas anymore. And as night fell, and the city began to sparkle below, it was the nightly confirmation, that the magic of travel need not end when the sun sets.


View from my bedroom window, whilst lying in bed the mountains and lake are visible. (Not to scale, much bigger than it appears here).

I was reluctant to leave, and am excited to return, because when I now think of Queenstown, I think of Commonage Villas. The two are inexplicably linked. I cannot imagine staying anywhere else whenever in Queenstown again.


 Balcony life and views of Queenstown below from our Commonage Villa

Disclaimer: Pertinent to mention, this is not a sponsored post. Our family of 5 were fee paying guests of this property, and felt our money was well worth it. In fact I foresee this as a venue that will become a family addition to our “return vacay” list. (Yes, we really have one of those lists).

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