Highlights of The Yarra Valley -Featuring Alowyn Gardens

There are days so special, that I catalogue them in the “Must not Forget, Treasure Forever” vortex of my memory. Days just like yesterday. When Autumn is at her most spectacular, cold mornings, warm afternoons, and the landscape imbued in golden tones.

There are also moments in life that infiltrate memory. Specific sounds that imprint for life. For me, it’s the sound that wind makes blowing through the leaves. The distinctively Australian song of the Magpie in the early hours of the morning, and the sound of my children laughing as they play.

lani and ava plaing in Yarra Estate

Likewise there are certain tones and textures that transcends memory. Like the crunch and color of the Autumn leaves throughout the Yarra Valley yesterday, and the ombre shades of green turned gold throughout the 7 acres of fairytale-like garden at Alowyn Gardens.

maze at alowyn

Yarra wood estate leaves

Yesterday was one of those memory peg moments, that started as good and concluded as great, but I agree with you, a picture is worth a thousand words. So, follow along, and enjoy my foot-print-diary of photos from yesterday’s adventures at Kinglake’s National Park, Yarrawood Estate Winery and Alowyn Gardens.

Ava and me in tunnel

Countryside at Alowyn

Me at Yarra Wood Estate

Me wlkin through alowyn

ava jumping

A word of caution, if you decide to visit Kinglake, especially the National Park, be aware the terrain is exceptionally dry. It is particularly vulnerable to bushfires, so always check the fire danger warnings with the on the CFA website (google it) prior to setting out and prior to entering the area.

kinglake blue

Kinglake fam

Note, Yarrawood estate is a stunning Winery with a café onsite. No picnics are permitted within the property, as it is private land. The café however has a wide selection of food and beverage options, including a children’s menu. Balls and croquet are set up on the lawn for your amusement and leisure.

Yarrawood estate use

Alowyn Gardens, located in the Yarra Valley (approximately 90 minutes from Melbourne CBD), is a 7 acre lush property. Various themed gardens, presented in sections as a maze are truly a picture perfect experience. I do not believe private picnics are permitted either, however there is a café selling various hot and cold food available. Parking is free, but entry is $10AU for adults and free for children under 16 years of age. Alowyn Gardens is particularly stunning during Autumn and Spring. 60 to 90 minutes is more than ample time to comfortable stroll through the entire property and inhale a heavy dose of wanderlust. It truly is a world within a world, and my now favourite place with the Yarra Valley region.





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  1. These pictures are fantastic! Yarra Valley looks like a place to visit!

  2. Beautiful photos, Julia!

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