12 Symptoms of Wanderlust Quiz

It’s more than likely if I presented at the Doctor complaining of absent-mindedness, a disinterest for my normal food, bouts of difficulty falling asleep, and a general lack of interest in normal everyday living he’d suggest I may be a candidate for depression. I highly doubt that the medical-trouble shooting questionnaire would include asking, “Have you just returned from travelling”. And it should, at least for an accurate diagnosis. So I’m self diagnosing, I’m afflicted by “Wanderlust”. Perhaps you are too? Take the quiz for some good ol’ nonsensical fun, and let me know how you went.

  1. Before falling asleep at night you scroll through your travel photos and memories on your mobile phone.
  2. Travel, be it past trips or future trips is the first thing on your mind when you awake in the morning, and last thoughts at night.
  3. You measure the cost of anything in life by the price of how many airline tickets it would cost you. (For example, my children’s annual school tuition, = 16.6 return trips to Paris from Australia … boo hoo)
  4. You “pop” into your local travel agent just to talk all things travel with someone, anyone.
  5. You randomly check foreign exchange currency each week, even though you have no planned trips.
  6. Personally you loathe tattoos (for yourself, not necessarily on others), and yet you consider getting g one, if only to ink the world map on your body.
  7. You cure post holiday and post travel blues by immediately planning or booking another trip.
  8. The more you travel, the longer your bucket list grows.
  9. The bulk of your Instagram following is travel based.
  10. You subscribe to the philosophy that people who have no interest in travelling must have something wrong with them
  11. You stop when a plane flies overhead and spare a moments thought for, “Are they coming, or going. And what is their story?”
  12. You are writing or reading this whilst in transit at an airport terminal.
Me Gondola venice
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  1. Great wee wander list! I ticked off a fair few of these!
    Have you got any trips planned? I’m off to Rome in 6 weeks. 🌍

    • Rome! How exciting! I’ve never been, but that too is on “the list”. Upcoming trip soon is Switzerland and Paris, be sure to follow me for the journey highlights on Instagram @lostandfoundtraveller
      Thanks so much for taking the time to do the quiz, love that you’re also afflicted by Wanderlust. 🙂

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