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Rue Aubriot

Today I want to share with you one of my favourite things to do in Paris.

But not before I tell you a story. This story is about me, and a girl (a Korean girl to be specific), and about the queue for a locked toilet in Starbucks. The scene? Paris, of course!

A few weeks ago I found myself huddled in an upstairs space of Starbucks in Paris. I had been waiting as the first person in line for about 5 minutes for the person to finish using the toilet. The five minutes turned into ten minutes, and then a second person joined me. Several more minutes passed and still no vacating of the toilet.

At this point I decided to kill the silence and initiate conversation with one of the females who was waiting in what was now a fairly long queue, along with me. Unsure whether she spoke French or English, I asked her in French which she spoke, to which she replied “deux” (both).

Amusingly she told me she liked my accent, apparently I sounded British, but better and she couldn’t place it. “Australian”, I replied. Her eyes lit up, it turns out she’d been to Australia recently.

Curious as to how her experience was, I asked her whether she had liked Australia. “The weather was lovely, but I didn’t really like it” was her very timid response. Really curious now, I quizzed her further. It turns out that she’d had a few unpleasant run-ins with store owners having been “rude”, and this left her with a bitter taste for this sunburnt country.

I can’t say I blame her for feeling this way. The more I thought about it, the more that I could relate. Our love for a city or country is often interlinked with our affection for the people we meet whilst traveling, and the citizens that live there.

This brings me to the point, if you want to love Paris, to be dazzled by her charm and beauty, then booking with Cedric’s CV tours is an experience sure not to be missed. Why? Because it’s impossible not to like Cedric, which makes it very difficult to not also like Paris, he manages to convey his passion for the city so infectiously.

It was by sheer luck that I first stumbled upon this unique Parisian experience in 2013, and an absolute pleasure that I re-booked for a second time in March 2015. No one tour is the same, and I found myself enjoying the tour even more than in 2013.

Expect a prompt arrival. I have never known Cedric to be late. In fact he is on time, to the minute (it’s incredibly impressive). To maximise the experience, Cedric suggested that early mornings are better, as traffic in Paris can be chaotic at times.

It is Cedric’s professionalism, charm (yep he’s French and lovely), perfect command of the English language and his obvious passion for both his home city and cars that is contagious.

Laura, his companion in crime, a quintessential 1982 powder yellow and grey Citroen is a novel way to gain a unique perspective on Paris. To be chauffeured around, with the top down (optional), whilst sipping on champagne (optional), blankets in the back and the filigree balconies and ornate doors of Parisian buildings whirling passed, this tour will leave you feeling somewhat like the great artists of the 1920’s must have felt. Like anything is possible. Like magic may just happen. Like you may just have lost your heart in Paris- I know I did.

Searching somewhere between rue Aubriot and Avenue de Camoens… I intend to return someday to find it. I encourage you to do the same, and allow Cedric from Cedric’s Paris to help you, he’s brilliant at what he does.

Laura Doors
Favourite Street
Cite Berryer
Pont Alexander 3rd
CV and rue Cler
Hotel de Ville
Beautiful street shot CV tour and tree
Laura Buildings
Laura and house cv tour
Favourite Eiffel shot best ever

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  1. Love the pictures and the story. Cedric sounds wonderful. Though the fact you met in a Starbucks does take away from a true Paris experience. 🙂 This from a person who lived in Seattle when Starbucks was taking over the world. 🙂

    • Cedric and I didn’t met in Starbucks, the lovely Korean girl and I did. Starbucks, very true, but free and clean toilets are difficult to find on the streets of Paris, and travelling with a 8 year old child I knew Starbucks would solve that problem. 🙂 Thanks for reading, pleased you enjoyed the photos.

    • Yes! Absolutely agree that Cedric sounds like a terrific guy, who happens to live in France, and is from Paris, to be exact. But assuming that Cedric happens to come from anywhere else in the world but still did EVERYTHING we have learnt Cedric did in Paris, would the traveller’s experience of Paris be diminished? Or, if Cedric is the exact Cedric as learnt from the traveller but instead of driving a Citroen he happens to drive a Honda (from Japan, of course) or anything but a French car, would the traveller’s experience be any less. I guess the point is whether the traveller meets Oprah in Paris, or have met Coco Chanel (when she was still around) it is NO LESS a fascinating experience in Paris or put simply a “Paris Experience”. So what difference does it make whether she met Cedric in Starbucks or anywhere else (in Paris)? The fact is it still happened to be in Paris. I think the traveller’s experience is THAT which she ASSOCIATES with WHERE she happened to be at any given point in time. It just so happened that it was Paris and the experience was a positive one. A THRILLING one in fact!!

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