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Jardins de tuileries

Six days ago I bought a coffee from my local bakery. Friendly or familiar, I’m undecided, but the owner called me a bit@h! Thankfully, it was said tongue in cheek, with a huge cheesy grin on his part and just enough banter in his tone for me to let it slide, and of course continue going there (after all he does make the best local coffee), but I digress. “Bitch”, albeit harsh, was his response to my answer, “I’m off to Paris today”. No I didn’t volunteer the information, he asked first. I merely told him what my day entailed.

This emotional reaction I’ve grown accustomed to. My “Mr Barista” is one of many who turn slightly green with envy when I mention, “Paris” and “see you soon” in the same sentence. And to think that Paris, of all cities was NEVER on my radar. It held no interest, no desire, it simply did not register with me.

It wasn’t until 2013 when I won two return flights to Paris that I was “forced” to go, yes I know… forced, how dreadful! Since then, I am like a born again Francophile. Two weeks ago, I once again had the blessing and privilege of experiencing Paris for a second time, and sharing the experience with one of my daughters.

Perhaps you can’t relate to why Paris is a city that I constantly talk about, write about and share photographs of. Perhaps you can’t quite understand why it sets so many hearts on fire, so here is a photographic tribute illustrating one of the best weeks of my life thus far. Enjoy and bon voyage.

Breakfast croissantsCite Berryer

Beautiful door

CarouselHotel de Ville only

Beautiful street shot CV tour and tree

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