Summer Spirit- Port Fairy 2015

Port Fairy ocean clear blue for cover editedHearns entrance

Sssh please, lower your voice. I don’t want everyone to know that there is much to love and little to loathe about a seascape to the coastal country town of Port Fairy. More specifically, I don’t want EVERYONE to know about our family favourite villa, approximately 100 meters from the water’s edge of the Southern Ocean, (admittedly, the irony of sharing this on a public platform is not lost one me).

Port Fairy, located approximately a four hour drive from Melbourne is where we first found this secluded limestone villa in 2005. It was by accident that I stumbled upon Hearns Villas, and even more of an accident when the booking agent significantly misquoted the nightly tariff which allowed the otherwise unaffordable villa to suddenly become affordable.

How grateful I am for the element of human error on this occasion. Quite simply, at the time it was out of our price range, and had the pricing error not occurred, we wouldn’t have been able to justify the expense of staying at such an establishment.Not because it’s not worth it, but simply because we had never had any experience or exposure of what awaits when jumping up a few price brackets. We now know better, and having now tasted the caviar difference, not only do we know what we were once missing, but now value the difference, finding the benefits far outweigh the hip pocket sting.

That being said, although we loved our new holiday find, the quest for “the ideal family getaway” lead us to explore other coastal regions within Victoria. We sampled several beautiful self-contained accommodation options and after three years concluded that Port Fairy, specifically staying at Hearns Villas ticked all the boxes of how we wanted our children to one day remember their childhood family summers.

Granted that a picture speaks a thousand words, below are the 2014/2015 Port Fairy photos that encapsulate the “essence of summer”. When I reminisce about our time spent in our family bubble, where time and schedules ceased to exist, and the only objective of each day was; make a memory, live in the moment, this is how it played out.

Deck chair editedGirls at water edited

Beautiful calm water image edited Ava at waters edge in green top editedChanel in the sand edited Beautiful water sand rock shot editedlazy legs in bed editedVilla deck area editedVilla view editedEvening walk editedBeautiful sunsetLani cartwheel happy new year editedCostal rocksSummer essentials editedLazy mornings editedEarns editedKids shoesm editedCoastal walk edited

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