Morning traces of NUTS

breakfast final

Some mornings just start right. The birds sing, the delivery boy delivers the newspaper to the right home, and the nuisance wandering cat that has decided to regularly poop on my front lawn finds a new pooping ground, far removed from my exposed sandal clad feet. Sadly, that is where the calm ends, and the morning chaos within my home kicks in. I usher, oversee, ring-lead, organise and umpire to all the girly demands that mothering three daughters requires. All so that they arrive at school with hair brushed, teeth clean, lunch packed and the iPod left at HOME, and not secretly stashed for school. Yep, my weekday mornings are NUTS.

Nuts, as my mornings are, there is one insurance policy that guarantees my day starts right. A healthy, nutritious, yet EFFORTLESS breakfast. I’ve found that in my (our) busy lives it is so easy to neglect this morning must do, and unfortunately I did this for years. But as my twenties ebbed away, I noticed that my metabolism slowed and weight loss and fitness required greater effort, to achieve a noticeable difference. My secret to keeping hunger at bay, maintaining the same weight for the last 4 years, (having lost 28kg’s) and ensuring gastrointestinal health is FIBRE, FRUIT, NUTS. Forget what you’ve heard about nuts making you fat, everything makes you fat if you eat too much of it. Yes, granted nuts are energy dense, and a little goes a long way, but when it comes to nuts the benefits exceeds the negatives. In fact, here’s a myth buster, eating the right nuts actually assist with weight loss.

So pictured above is my brekky. Almonds, blueberries for antioxidants, Greek yoghurt for the healthy probiotics in the intestines, Weetbix for all the Fibre and my most loved secret weapon, CINNAMON! Cinnamon is known to speed up your metabolism, and once again assist weight loss (in a nut shell –pardon the pun). This is my daily start, without it, I binge, feel sluggish, and get hungry so much quicker. With it, I power on for 4-5 hours without needing to eat a meal till at least 2pm. I’m told it’s all in the magic of the Almonds, the benefits of low GI. Whatever it is, it’s my GOOD morning go to!

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