Weekend Reflections

So tell me again that today is Sunday. Actually, WAS Sunday, because I don’t know what happened to the weekend. More precisely, I don’t know what happened to MY weekend. I do on the other hand know what happened to every other member of my family’s weekend because I drove them there. To the three birthday parties out of six (3 I had to rsvp “NO”). SIX!?! My children have more of a rockin’ social life than I do and they’re not yet even 12.

So, this is my apology to all those that have chosen to loyally follow and read my blog posts. A huge thank you (something I’ve been meaning to say for quite some time now), and also a sorry. Sorry because I set myself a personal goal 8 weeks ago when Lost and Found Traveller was born that I’d blog at least once per week. This week however…. Well it’s Sunday. Or rather, it WAS Sunday.

So, between all the tiara’s, fizzy drink, un-popped popcorn kernels in the rear of my car and all the other obligatory duties of responsible parenting, I shall share what I managed to salvage of my weekend.

  1. An unholy hour of a Saturday morning stroll through my hometown in Melbourne’s city centre. After the 1 hour drive in, car park secured and coffee in hand I did manage to be at total peace with the world. I am a recent AM convert. There is nothing like the wee-hours of the morning to humble one and gain perspective on how amazing life is. No horns honking. No tradesmen’s work tools reverberating. No crazed crowds. No photo bomber heads obstructing my pics.collage final sunIMG_9368
  2. Retail therapy that somehow wasn’t therapeutic. I’ve deliberately stayed away from shops to avoid temptation. You know how it is, the less you spend = the more to save = the sooner I can fly to Europe again. But after 5 long months without any clothing purchases (crazy right!), I felt the need for inspiration. Trouble is, now my MUST HAVES could fund a return trip to Europe. Therapeutic Schmerapeutic my butt!! But here’s the finds that are coming my wayeeee!Me in coat finalLeft to Right: Manning Cartell Coat in Blue, Camilla and Marc Black Knit, Manning Cartell Coat ( I love that the collar zippers on and off the blue Manning Cartell coat. The mixed color block textures of the wool coat in the third pic has won me over and the luxurious weight of the centre Camilla and Marc crepe knit has focal interest with the detailing around the armpit area – LOVE!!)collage Fashion final
  3. An unprecedented occurrence, I awoke deliberately this Sunday morning at 7am. Runners and gym geared to go, I did a pre-breakfast run work out for an hour. And by run, I mean walk (it’s ok, I did sweat). The significance of this you wonder? Well apparently rumour has it amongst serious fitness fanatics that if you’re committed to exercise and reaching your goal one should/would make it the first priority for the day, but I Do. Not. Do. Mornings.

But today I did, because truthfully I found Helmut Lang leather pants yesterday, and leather is very unforgiving, no hiding any unwanted bits. On the upside, the morning once again belonged to me, my lungs and heart will love me for it, and when I finally do purchase those leather-licious pants the reward of early morning sweat sessions will have paid off.

There was an abundance of other less vacuous pursuits, such as family Sunday, church this morning, catching up with my beautiful Mumma-bear and cuddles with my bubbas before bed and now this – blogging. My little cathartic cyber patch for sharing.

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