Chocolate- it’s for Medicinal Purposes

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Balls and all, I’m just going to say it… I think Australia is home to some of the best chocolate in the world. Phew, finally, now it’s out there and I’ve said it. No longer will I feel obliged to vocally contain my ooh’s and ahh’s as I lick the inside wrapper of the Yarra Valley Chocolaterie’s finest. If chocolate is the secret ingredient that makes the world a better place for you, then allow me to introduce you to the sweetest sensation of Melbourne’s picturesque Yarra Valley. Located approximately 1 hours drive from Melbourne, the Chocolaterie is open 7 days a week from 9am to 5pm and entry is free.

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Set on 16 hectares of fertile land is this modern day Willy Wonker-like chocolate factory. Artisan chocolatiers can be seen creating edible art from behind the floor to ceiling glass window. Immediately upon entering three supersized bowls of choc-chips are yours for the sampling, the Milk chocolate variety particularly noteworthy. The establishment features wall to wall varieties of every conceivable chocolate combination for purchase, free standing tables overflow with boxed gift ideas and even a chocolate themed lip gloss and soap section are on offer. I was so impressed to discover the European inspired churning wheels of liquid chocolate. White, Milk and Dark liquid flow ready for your authentic chocolat chaud experience. Towards the rear of the factory floor the café and ice-cream bar serve a generous selection of café style food, all chocolate themed. For the savoury palette, you aren’t forgotten as the dining menu has several options available.

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As a self-professed ice cream connoisseur, I can personally  attest to the creamy, rich and sublime goodness of the ice cream sold here. In fact it is the Chocolaterie’s ice cream that is the draw card for my family and I.  If in doubt, the weekend queue and constant crowds, along with the regions tourist buses that regularly frequent here will soon have you convinced that you’re in the right place. And if that isn’t persuasion enough, perhaps the endless number of wineries in the region will. My suggestion, a mid-week late afternoon sugar fix is the perfect way to appreciate the expansive open space without the elbow jousting crowds.

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When you’ve made your selection find a patch of country side green outside, park your back side and take a moment to savour how good life truly is at this moment, after all chocolate and fresh air, it’s for medicinal purposes.


For further information, including all offerings such as Birthday parties, workshops and map locations etc please refer to the company’s link:




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