A Moment In Time- Melbourne

Melbourne Creative Collage

“One’s destination is never a place,  but a new way of seeing things”
– Henry Miller

2014 is an exciting year. Not because I have any travel plans (sadly, ho hum, sigh), but because I’ve resolved to challenge myself to look for the light of new in old places. For instance, consider rain… we run from it, shelter our faces from it, and hibernate indoors away from it. But with changing weather conditions, shifting shadows and natural elements evolving, great beauty is found. Too often we’re running away from it to seek shelter. 2014 is about taking a moment to pause, consider, absorb and appreciate what has previously been neglected. Melbourne, Australia is an ever changing, eclectic smorgasbord of activity for hipsters, wanna-bes, culture cravers and families who love to go-see-do.

Melbourne Filter

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