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Sugar and smiles was the first sighting to greet me when walking through the doors of Adriano Zumbo’s Patisserie in Melbourne’s inner city suburb of South Yarra. Forewarning: this store has the potential to induce a state of hyperventilation, extreme confusion, and just in general, extreme gluttony and greed. The best of my intentions to keep to my pre-set budget prior to arriving at the patisserie was blown upon first sighting. My resolve crumbled as I began to order, “One of that, and one of that, and yes please, the toasted marshmallow macaron, oh actually make that two please”, (I think you get my drift). Wassup-bi cake, Secret Carrots Business Cake and the sublime Passionfruit Tart has now been listed on what I like to refer to as my list of “Transportation Food”. This is food that goes beyond filling your belly and takes you to ‘that happy place’.

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Tasting the Passionfruit Tart, which was the perfect balance of sweet mixed with tartness, I started to giggle like a school girl. It was just so stupidly delicious! The most surprising of my experience at Zumbos was that I wasn’t disappointed. Not because the Chef isn’t a master artist, but more so because all my experience of tasting exquisitely presented cakes has always been an anti-climax. So often I find visually show stopping cakes are delightful upon the eye, but in reality never taste as good as they present. How thrilled I am that this is not the case at Zumbos. Here, you will find edible art that most certainly wows the eyes, and is wowee-wowsers on the taste buds.
So how was it that I came to be in Zumbo’s Patisserie? In mourning. Pining for a lover that I left behind in November last year, named PARIS. After having departed the city of Love and Lights, I arrived back in Australia and thought of Paris day and night (I still do). Never having been in such a position before, I had no idea how to heal the feeling of forlorn when something is so far from reach, and that is how I found myself in the process of rebound love. Hoping that I could purge Paris out of my system slowly, I made it my mission to get my ‘French-fix’ and seek out the best of Melbourne’s Patisseries. This pursuit was somewhat a very hit and miss affair, with many patisseries paling in significance to the best that Paris has to offer, until stumbling across one in Port Melbourne, and of course, Zumbos. I now have my new macaron go to place.

So am I biased, and perhaps my subconscious playing tricks on me simply because I want to find a Paris replacement? Possibly, until my non-sweet tooth loving husband, who doesn’t even like macarons said, “So when can we go back? I want more of THOSE macarons” It seems the jury has reached its verdict. I encourage you to go, see, decide for yourself.

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