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The challenge of having lived in Melbourne for the most part of my life is finding something new, inspiring and unique to do whilst in keeping to a budget. The greater challenge of this now days is finding activities that are family friendly, affordable and yet culturally entertaining in the hope of introducing my children to the opportunities that life holds beyond the entertainment of theme parks and play centres.

Port Phillip Mussel Festival, the brainchild of Claypots’ Evening Star debuted, this weekend on March 8th and 9th.  In support of the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival, the success of  this newly run event was somewhat a surprise to local traders at the Market, as gourmet mussels selling at $5.00 per bucket sold out within hours of the festival opening. Thankfully, Melbourne devotees have an insatiable appetite for all things festive, so whilst bargain bucket mussels were sold out, the sangria flowed, as did piping hot wok stations of mussel paella, hawker style seafood and curries, artisan ice-cream stations, waffles and the street party slowed for no one.

The raw reality was it was hot, like Melbourne 32 degrees, no air flowing type of hot. It was crowded, gritty and noisy. But the celebration teemed with life, the crowds were patient, and the musicians lively. The most notable, and lasting impression from this day spent in the sun, whilst eating, drinking and connecting with my family is this; that in this 21st culture where iPhones, iPads and laptops have become our focal point, often in favour of the person seated in front of us,  today was different. People sat turned inwards to face each other, communicating, conversing and connecting. Real conversations, growing real relationships in favour of our normal unreciprocated mobile phone affair. This festival celebrated, mussels, music and best of all mankind. As for the iphones, yes, they made a cameo appearance, but only to capture the amazing food, and were then returned to whence forth they came.

Cook Mussels

Garlic & Chilli Pippi’s

Family Eating Mussles

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  1. I miss Melbourne a lot and the pictures look amazing!. Is the top picture the paella you were talking about?


  2. I love seafood, i cant wait to explore Melbourn.

    Am looking for places i could dine n fest on seafood by the port with wine or beer and with my finger-licking habit.

    Do recommend me where to go. Thanks!

    • Sosorry for my delay in reposnding to you, I’ve actually had a few issue having my blog display properly on the backend. Regarding seafod places to eat Riva in St Kilda has lovely food and seaside Melbourne views, so does Sails on the Bay or Donovans house. All of these restaurants have websites that you can look at beforehand. Enjoy 🙂

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