Postcard from Paris

Paris is more than simply a city or destination. It is a feeling, a way of life. Prior to arriving in Paris, and unsure as to what to expect, I once heard it described as “Where doing nothing is something in itself”. Panic not if you find yourself as a specimen under the microscopic gaze of the people watching, coffee drinkers. No, you don’t have toilet paper hanging from the back of your pants, nor food in your teeth, this is simply Paris where staring is perfectly acceptable. Consider it your invitation to stare back. In fact to enhance prime viewing opportunity in support of this cultural pass time, tables and chairs face forwards to simply ponder the mysteries of the universe, whilst observing the world as it teems by your table. Filigree balconies, ornate, decorative doors and etchings of gilded gold embellish the streets, laneways and structures throughout the city. Expect to be late everywhere that you intend to visit, as you Stop. Start. Stop. Start. Pause. Reflect. Paris the city where wasting time is not wasted. Such was the moment, ambling through my first arrondissment neighbourhood, where the below rue Monmartre discovery was made. Amidst a non-descript street, rue Monmartre is attached, blink and you’ll miss it. But that is the enchantment of this enigmatic city. Every moment is like Christmas Eve….the anticipation of surprise treasures just within reach.

“Travel is about the gorgeous feeling of teetering in the unknown” – St Augustine

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  1. Really good shot! 🙂

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